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    McCourt School - 2020 Visit Request Form

    We appreciate that you are considering us for future graduate study. A visit to McCourt is the best next step! Come meet with an admissions representative and/or visit a class to see for yourself why we should be your #1 choice. Please plan your visit two weeks in advance to ensure that we can accommodate you. Last minute requests may not be approved.
    *Please note appointments made through this form are for meetings with admissions representatives and/or class visits for McCourt programs only (Master of Public Policy, Master of International Development Policy, Master of Policy Management, & Master of Science in Data Science for Public Policy).
    What date and time would you like to schedule an appointment with an Admissions representative?
    Visit Date:
    *Please note, we do not accept class visit requests for Fridays and our office is closed on weekends and holidays. Our Academic Calendar (for school closings) can be viewed here:
    Class Visit Options
    If you would like to sit in on a class during your visit, please review and select the classes listed below that you are interested in attending. Please note, class visits for the spring semester will not be available during spring break, March 9 - 13, or after April 9.
    MPP Classes
    PPOL 502 - Regression Methods for Policy Analysis (Core Course)
    PPOL 507 - Microeconomics II (Core Course)
    PPOL 514 - Public Management (Core Course)
    PPOL 515 - Comparative Public Management (Core Course)
    MS-DSPP Classes
    PPOL 561 - Accelerated Statistics for Public Policy II (Core Course)
    PPOL 567 - Massive Data Fundamentals (Core Course)
    PPOL 514 - Public Management (Core Course)
    PPOL 515 - Comparative Public Management (Core Course)
    MPM Classes
    PPOL 556 - Econ Analysis for Public Policy (Core Course)
    PPOL 558 - Management of Program Evaluation
    MIDP Classes
    PPOL 532 - Regression Methods for Development (Core Course)
    PPOL 541 - Sustainable Development (Core Course)
    PPOL 604 - Policy/Politics of Entitlements
    PPOL 656 - Community Development Policy
    PPOL 691 - Multilateral Development Banks
    PPOL 699 - Philanthropy, Power, & Impact
    PPOL 705 - Applied Research: Education Policy
    PPOL 791 - Politics is a Contact Sport